Offline Research

In – Store Observational Survey& Interviews

A survey method which captures the actual display situation in the store by allowing an investigator to observe the store. In-store display survey captures the actual situation of the designated chain/store provided in an easy-to-understand report.

Conduct an interview while the memory is still fresh asking about the easiness of shopping in terms of the sales floor and “why?” in terms of the purchasing behavior.

Central Location Test [CLT]

We ask the survey subjects to come to the venue where we conduct the questionnaire or interview. Suitable when we want to let them take a look or try out the product before evaluating it, or when we want to conduct a survey which is highly confidential.

Field Lanka CLT coordinates the venue and the subject precisely and appropriately in tune with the theme, delivering the opinions of consumers and helping you with your decision-making. It’s also possible to provide services more quickly by using our own monitors as well as smartphones/tablet/laptop devices.

Mystery Shopping

A survey method where a mystery shopper visits the store/place and evaluates the store/place, its service, and so on based on their experience as a customer. Suitable when you need the evaluation of store/place and service by a unified evaluation framework from the customer’s point of view.

Field Lanka mystery shopping lets our experienced, professional mystery shoppers carry out a strict evaluation from the customer’s point of view.

Home Use Test [HUT]

We ask our survey respondents to try a pre-release product for trial or a new product immediately after its release and report their assessment, etc. via an online/offline survey.

F2F Survey

This is the method often used in data collection through CAPI or PAPI in order to administer the questionnaire to the respondents. Respondents are picked as per the specified quotas in the respective population.