Technology based modern market research methodologies including online surveys, live chat focus groups, webcam in-depth interviews, online diaries, mobile ethnography, social media listening and online communities.


Dedicated team headed by Roshan Kamardeen [available 24 X7] treats the clients using a highly – trained recruiters, interviewers, supervisors, moderators, recruiters, data entry operators and information communication expertise representing local communities.


Field Lanka strives to present itself as a professional provider to our clients. Your satisfaction is key and we do whatever we can to ensure strong client relationships. Our works speaks for us in all our endeavours.


Field Lanka has reached and carried out surveys through over 30 data collection sub stations across major cities in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, China, India and Indonesia.

Reg Raghavan

Chief Executive Officer Cultural Pulse Australia.

We have worked closely with Field Lanka, conducting over 40,000 surveys on over 15 projects in multiple countries across Asia since 2014. Every project we have the choice to choose another provider or do it ourselves but every time we have chosen Field Lanka because of their technical expertise, integrity, passion and staffing approach to projects. I highly recommend using Field Lanka for your survey needs in Asia.